F/S: 13" JBW Allycat Rallye Specials


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Item: 13" JBW Allycat Rallye Specials
Location: Redditch
Condition: Used with tyres
Reason for selling: Have wheels
Price: £250

Torn between selling or refitting as these have been stored over winter. These are 101.6mm pcd with 60.1mm bore and +6 offset so technically fit a classic mini etc. but will also fit a micra due to a set of wobble bolts included. Original chrome plastic centre caps are also included. All four wheels have slight kerbing done at walking speed, but otherwise in great condition. Pic shows one of the worse kerbs. These wheels and tyres have had about 5 months use last summer only. Tyres are 165/55 Nankangs with a good 6mm tread on two and 7mm on the other two. The stretch gives them the visual width of roughly 195 tyres, which looks great imo.
Again im in no rush to sell so £250 collection only, if i wanted to barter id have asked £300 :) Thanks for looking.