DIG-S Battery replacment (EFB)

The battery in my 2012 DIG-S Micra is starting to give up. Lasted a while and been showing signs for a while (throwing error codes if the battery is a little low on engine crank).

I have just about got over the cost of the battery, however I am reading that some cars need replacment batteries 'programmed' into the car?

Does anybody know if this is true for the DIG-S?
Probably worth updating this thread!

Replacement purchased from Halfords.... they were cheaper than anywhere else for a good brand name unit. I also chose Halfords for the potential easier warranty claim if needed.

I asked them about fitting/programming. They claim they never program a car, and all they would do was fit it and send you on your way. I am still not sure if this is correct procedure, but I would guess something would have flagged up on their system if it needed it!

Its been on the car now for 2 months and has been fine. No more going into limp mode, engine turns over a lot stronger!
Any car with Auto Stop Start needs the new battery Registered in the BCM. Body control module. Some vehicles have a Battery module.
This is because a new battery requires less aggressive charging than an old one.
The batterys state of health is monitored over its life and the charge rate increase. The new battery can be damaged if the BCM is not told its a new battery.
My vehicle scanner has a function for resetting all Nissan’s.

Hope this helps.

Most good garages should be able to do this for you.