DIG-S Coolant swap

I have searched high and low for a service manual that contains the HR12DDR (DIG-S) engine, but cant find one anywhere!

I am giving the wife's car a good old service at the end of the money and looking at doing the coolant as I cant remember when it was last done! I would like to know if there is a particular procedure or a bleed valve hidden away somewhere!

I see in the workshop manual for the HR12DE variant, the manual states to disconnect the top heater hose, fill slowly (to prevent air pockets forming) until water escapes,refit and continue filling until full, refit cap and heat cycle the car 3 times (keep repeating until water level stop dropping)....

Any tips/knowledge?
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I had no problems with mine, I just drained from the bottom of the rad, filled it up to the brim, ignition on, make sure full heat and full fan, started engine.

Topped it up when the level dropped and kept checking the hoses, eventually had red hot heater in car and and at rad cap, put cap on and been fine since.