Dash Centre Upgrade

Quick question.
The dash centre is different in some models of the k12.
Mine has the split version with the top half being the computer screen.
Was thinking about adding a stereo with a reversing camera so would take up the whole area.
Has anyone fitted one to this style of dash centre without replacing the plastics if not would this be possible.
my guess is I would no longer be using the computer screen.

The first image shown is an example of what I hope to install to add GPS Rear camera and Bluetooth tech.
Second shows what I have now..
Third shows one that I'm unable to source. (without buying both that and the stereo unit)
Could it be possible to mod the Second to fit the larger unit and for it to fit securely.




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I know there is a good chance it will work. By cutting the centre section and possibly some of the inner top half slot.
Question would be will it look okay after being cut and installed.
The last thing is would I also need to update my battery. To one with a larger capacity in order to compensate for the extra power consumption.
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One that seems to show up is this it looks bigger than the first few.
claims it fits Nissan Micra Qashqai Centre Dash Console Airvents Radio Surround 2007-2013

Must be facelift would this one fit on preface lift