Connect SatNav SD Card issues

Hi Everyone,

I've just bought a K13 without an SD card fitted.

I visited Nissan and they gave me a part number to buy - it's £90 +VAT for a new one from them.

My issue is that if the unit is faulty I don't want to waste £110 on a new SD card and drive the car without SatNav working - so ideally I need to find out if the unit is faulty or if I simply need to buy an SD card.

I've tried twice to buy used "tested working" sd cards from ebay (I know!!!) but one had a wrong code and the other has almost the correct code but not the identical part code to the one given by Nissan.

Can anyone help?

Is there anyone in Doncaster area that owns a working unit that I could try their SD card? Or is there another way?

Any help please would be greatly appreciated.

Were you able to get refunds from ebay? I had a brief look on there and it seems like your best bet for getting one with the correct code

It's unlikely to be the satnav itself that is broken on a k13, especially with no SD card in there at all, but then it begs the question of why the previous owner removed it to begin with

However for £110 you could buy a really decent plug-in satnav, mine was £40 and it more than did the job, for £110 you could have a nice one.