coilpack convertion?

Hi All, Any idea how I could convert my K11 1998 micra to use coilpacks instead of the coil + HT leads. I have noticed that to buy a new coil for my 1998 micra if needed would cost me around £150 where as I had bought for my other k11 4 coilpacks £34.00= £136 via ebay , is it possible Or should I not bother & just leave it be.

For what it's worth , would not bother, and also half the time with micras, just getting a used original part is can be as good a a new remanufactured and such,
And a complete new dizzy is about £100 to 120
Only thing that fails normally is the caps and rotorarms due to corrosion and wear, the dizzy unit itself can be good for 150k within reason