Cams & intakes

ok so ive got a couple of questions:
1. what size is the inlet on the throttle for the micra. im thinking of making my own but i dont know the size.
2. are the cams for the dizzy different from the ones for the coilpack. i can only find performance cams referencing "1.3" but im looking to get a 1.4 in the future and i dont know if the "1.3" performance cams will fit the 1.4. if anyone knows of any performance 1.4 cams then that'd be helpful

thanks :))


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just the size of the inlet. I'm gonna try and make a custom intake because I can't find an affordable one online atm.
are u sure? is there no difference in exhaust cams?
70mm for an induction kit
and the 1.3 exh cam has a slot for the dizzy, but its not needed on the coilpack engine