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bumblebee 1999 inspiration 1.3 2020 rework

so back in october 2016 i was getting pretty board of my k12 1.2 sx (nice car just too refined making it boring)
so searched about alot for a k11 , as i originally wanted a k11
came across a 2003 reg coil pack which was meh, a badly rotted out 2002 coil pack and then this which funny enough i wasnt really interested in
went to have a look at and after 5 minutes it
was mine at the sum of £220 and 10 year history and other bits
the gear lever was partly seized but freed up after 20 miles and the original stereo the lcd has failed
it has 77,940miles on it with 10 years of history at the same garage and even still had it second set of tyres still on , the previous owner bought it from Southampton (were it originally came from) to move from there to walker in newcastle and lost about £100 but worked out cheaper then a hire car

and once i got it back the car that i wasnt to interested in originally it pretty quick grew on me
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bought this for 80 quid cause it had civic alloys fitted and fitted them to mine and got some steels for 20 quid with good tyres
ended up whole new sills, and afew other things and sold it
also got a sport+ rear parcel shelf with speakers for modded and fitted that along with a jvc stereo
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got a wrap around spoiler and painted that and the roof along with the B pillar satin black (partly to hide the sun damaged pain on the roof lol)
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ended up doing a 100 miles on the alloys and went back to the steels for a while
then came across these , which although fitted nice , they would never center up and the car wobbled (they were not ment for micras at all lol)
so sold them pretty quick
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nothing much excpt changed the heater lights to led and put a green bulb in the trip and fitted a ca16 airbox from a primera
also managed to get the rear pockets , tweeters and pop outs with full trim in slightly darker trim but weirdly matches from a s/ sr micra that had been butchered sadly
only got the pockets and the tweeters in soo far


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new front crossmember along with a minor patch on the drivers sill along with some overhauling of the car
75,500miles now in june

mot due 30 of june
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doing some more work and the civic wheels are back with new tyres just while i was sorting it for its mot
also fitted a almost new radiator from a x reg coil pack
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trying coil pack lights since i bought another k11 coil pack for parts after my coil pack i had bought had a blown gearbox
but got to say they look good on bumblebee but going to stick with the originals ;)
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trying its tow bar for the second time , cause my dad blew his rear axle on his nissan d21 so went and picked this up along with having a generator, grinders and a large tool bag in the boot lol
she tows weight pretty well

also she passed her test with no minors at all yey
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well august now and ive got another coil pack micra (no.4 counting the scrapper) and the engines dying so got a new engine with 35k
and a set of spot lights from a si :)
just need the light switch, sub harness and waiting for rainbow bulbs to match the headlights (nothing special but give a nice white light with a nice little rainbow )
only 1 bolt broke , not bad for a 18 year old car
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the new cga3de engine for the sport+ cause the mains were going on the old engine from dodgy servicing and oils
got this one with 35k on it and its really clean
she pulls "60mph" cough cough up large hill really well
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and now upto date
finally got a rivnut kit so fitted the pop out windows to go with the sr trim i had fitted (tweeter, rear pockets)
ive fitted it with out the trim cause i like the metal finish and it works fairly nice even the seals fit nice
also last week a i managed to get a matching split rear seats with head rests from a rotten out inspiration 5 door :)
miku hatsune even approved of the job
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pop outs in their glory

i did not use the full trim and found the rubbers fit nice and only mod is trim the B pillar trim roughly two notches about 5 mm deal 25mm wide or so
but they look good
now one day i need to repair the satin black
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got the front fogs wired up, ordered a new switch gear and new rainbow bulbs
just got some wiring off a scrapped k11 then using some d22 wiring to lengthened it and wiried it to the o/s light and then connected it to the main harness
and rang up and getting a new windscreen as the old one is chipped , scratched and cracked , had to specially order the a one with a sun strip cause they normally only have coil pack ones without it
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so the primera light switch came
i had to use the backing and just resolderd the wires and inside contacts from the original micra one , weirdly the fogs dont turn off when you turn the lights off they
and fitted the intermittent rear wiper switch with different speeds adjuster and it works well, (just one day get a good condition terrano one lol)
and then got the new windscreen fitted with a new 1 piece rubber trim its bigger but fits nice
you can also see why i changed the windscreen it was chipped to hell and cracked also the trim was broke
and the black switch back is the primera and the blue is micra
also got the rainbow bulbs look good :)


also dont fit 100w h1 bulbs in the sport lights , i did the mistake of not checking and they caused a heavey drain along with not been too bright
so put some old stock ring bulbs in and they were super bright but now have rainbow bulbs which look nice and work fairly well
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They do look good but now are getting fairly rare now I was going to by a 47k one the other day same as mine but the owner wanted to cut the front of the car off and sell the rest for £150 it was a minter aswell :(
Best ones are the 1.3 and if you can there is a version were it comes with pretty much all the spec as I've upgraded mine to
so got this little bugger in the tyre so went the two tyre spots and both turned around and said my tyre is knacked and rotten so i need a new one just cause the side walls are scuffed from been on the front , only thing they got is light cracks in the tread picture and maybe cause those are 55 to 60 quid each while that cheap ones are 35quid a pair
so had the repair it our selfs
good thing tho i blew the spare up cause its looks to have been only used once before
anyways the car clocked 87k last night meaning its done almost 10k within a year
then got a trip to york tomorrow so 140 miles then on sunday down to windsor to legoland and later outer london which is will work out at just over 600miles ,
and the genuine uk spec nissan wind deflectors came!!! and just got them fitted :)

im going they are uk spec as they came from another inspiration and i found a old post where a lad got the same ones from nissan uk brandnew
they are weird aswell cause they are light grey and got a weird fitment around the mirror
the jdm ones ive seen have a more pink/ purple color and are thinner at the front


I've ruined my car 🙁
The colour and the mirror bit are very different yeah, they look class though. I might go to nissan and ask about a set. I don't really like the heko ones I have, I was also looking at g3 ones but I'm not sure what they're like. Look good though bud
The colour and the mirror bit are very different yeah, they look class though. I might go to nissan and ask about a set. I don't really like the heko ones I have, I was also looking at g3 ones but I'm not sure what they're like. Look good though bud

the part no, is 99998-46605
and yeah i dont like the heko ones , we had some in the terrano and they were crap compare to a set of jdm nissan mistral ones and i wasnt expecting them been micra ones , i thought they were match one but it looks it worked out better lol
and thanks im pretty happy with them and going to see how good they are tomorrow ;)
abit late but she did 940 miles in 10 days and on Wednesday last week she clocked 87,940 which means ive done 10k with her (sorry if that sounds sad lol)
and typical for our older nissans its not used a bit of oil or water ;)
just we've had constant rain and ive not been well along with other events havent done anything with both bumblebee and the sport+
also the dash rattles and its getting really annoying , i made a second plate to go over the cutout for the pollin filter which helped a fair bit but the whole dash seems to want re tighting and adjusting
also may need some new top mounts as the n/s knocks and me been a kid since it was wet i floored it it out of a juction (empty) and the o/s top mount sounded like it was knocking on heavens door or the bonnet lol with the o/s wheel tramping
but things seem fine :)
so on friday after been in the house ill i got out , and she popped 88k

and tonight , i met up with some lad and went to meet down sunderland, which was a good night and nice to see people who like micras :D
So today I decided to see if I can try and stop the annoying rattle the dash has and noticed the door drains were full of rust
Took the door apart and found this
And also the lock cover had started to rust and little rot lucky I found some replacements in near min condition so cleaned them and sprayed
Hooved the door out and sprayed it with weather spray and then did the drivers door and found the lock cover had a stripped bolt (from factory it looked like) and explained the rattle the cars had since I got it
But after a few hour the car now as good window guides and lock covers and hopefully abit more longevity :)
And then the next problem the battery as i parked it up the other day for 15 mins with the stereo going and the car died but quick jump and run for 5 mins that car was fine and tested fine till today as I left the stereo going again and the battery died so I ended up fitting a JDM small pole with adapters yuasa 400cca battery from my sport+ and will say the car was a good starter but you can tell its got a little extra amps :)

so i ended up going to a little car do at dragonville near me, really needed to get out of the house :(
ive been meaning to sort the rear vents out for a while now
and well the n/s vent is rotten on the botton and going at the front in the arch and the o/s is just going on the mount
so with some plastic covered the n/s up and fet the sunroof out while the o/s i replaced the old vent which was missing flaps and them put a over over the bottom half and made a little flap so to the car can breath but it may resist alittle more water
i know its looks bad but its only a temp fix for now


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so , i got the her insured at £742 on friday
took took her out on saturday got a puncher on the tip of the tread just next to the side wall :(
so she is now on a set of steelies i got a while back , just glad i hadnt taken the tyres off yet cause as you see there is a slight size difference lol
only thing is im running continental eco contact 5 and they are more balloon style and seen pretty dear for a 14 inch and second hand are almost impossible
so looks like a possible new pair which is going to cost £100
thats going to take this month to £1000 spent :( but its necessary
and found the rear shock bushes have gone , explains the knocking at times aswell as the front top mounts
adleast the trims off a scrapped inspiration i got for free look good and hide the rusty steelies
well its been rough recently for me, really rough and bumblebee hasnt had much love or luck , mostly neglect since early September really
the steelies, well the nuts i used the taper went and the nuts came undone even know they were torqued up and almost caused the n/s wheel to fall off and o/s was comming loose
so i fitted the sport+ wheels with the awfull tyres, and they are doing ok for now
anyway she got bumped but a taxi from the rear which pulled the n/s off breaking the mounts, and the bottom of the vents and inner arch trim
and the taxi did a runner, found the car abandoned outside of tesco with the bloke hiding inside , long story short he tried to claim off me ect with a weird dutch insurnaceand i ended up with a mental breakdown (like i said been rough) and lost the confidence to drive along with other things ,
so she been sat for 10 days now and im ive been trying to pick myself up since excpt that ive been on rock bottom and got dianoised with depression and anxiety plus other things which really dont help
but yesterday i took her for a drive which was nice im not fully back but decent enough
near 2 months to do 850miles, which normally would be 2000/2500 now seems a waste i upped the millage on the insurance
but atm she almost due a service
wants afew rattle sorting inside and try and make sure to keep the rust off aswell (she still clean but got the odd mark on places) as two tyres and possibly a new bumper (most would leave it but it does not sit right and really has 1 screw hold the n/s in place with the bottom mount doing next to nothing)
and im done with the sport+ , that car has been a nightmare and probs caused some of the problems so im breaking that cause of how much im in with it and its probs best it does not become somone elses problem
and i got a micra s , turned out to be a great little car ,wants minor things but now isnt the best time so selling that (only getting time wasters tho)
then after then im getting rid of most of micra bits, some of my kawasaki and other bike bit and just getting rid of some of the mass collection of parts i collected
so i think its only going to be a bit of maintenance for now while i try to get my life sorted out and then try and restore her abit and such
been a while , basic life sort feel apart
22/11/17 she hit 89k so a good service and got the two new tyres so i could get rid of the sport+ alloys
bought a 2002 1lt coil pack , ended up giving it to my sister
clicked 90k on the 12th of december
and tbh ive kinda negleted her a fair bit recently
got a new spoiler with a high built in
and just made a tail pipe from a resonator from a r20 terrano (did not fit our mistral years ago) and some scrap and its abit of fun not too loud
warped the n/s disc, had to fit headlight covers as the salt over christmas would dry out on the lights and dim the crap out them,
she still needs her sills cleaning up , and a going over in genral , but cannot at the moment

and quicky exhaust vid lol, seems to give a little better on the mid range
just a few pics
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some pics of it cleaned up
all been decent , 92k now, only problem that did arise was last week when i washed her and found the sun roof wasnt meeting up with the roof at the front , leaving a 2 /3 mm gap of which i found after i washed it and found the headling wet in both front and rear.. drains are working, so i put some double sided trim tape to fill the gap and its been fine since then
shes due her sills cleaning up , but the weather is not allowing me, im in durham and had about a foot of snow and -3 deg easy
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and even after i said i wasnt going to get another micra this little bugger turned up. 142k 1.0 and shes runs, drive and feels tight like its got 70k on it
excpt the drivers door card and bit of rust its quite clean, better then most of the coil pack k11 ive had with half the millage,
want abit of welding nothing much, then see what happens from there, just got to wait for some decent enough weather,
also trying to up grade the speakers on bumblebee, but stuggling to find speakers that surpass oem ones that dont cost a ton


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well finally started to get a few things sorted,
finally got the new spoiler finished, painted and fitted :)
also found gorillia duck tape to be very good , 6 months now, still strong and holding well, good cause of some little sh#t trying to pull it off, cracked it were the top mount is separating it from the main section


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well since then , she got dinged 7 times in 2 nights, kinda annoying

gave her archers and underside a good clean out and found a ton of mud in the rear n/s arch above the fuel filler
and she wants her inner sills, arches and some other bits stripping and then re sealing
then i liked the terrano exhaust but wanted abit better so ended up with cheap neo coloured 3 3/4 inch fart can , its still not loud really , bit looks decent and what sound it gives is pretty good
had another meet up with paul and afew mates , down the e85 meet
also fitted a surgical cotten air filer from a saab 9000 and chopped it abit and a new pair of conti eco 5 to go on