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bumblebee 1999 inspiration 1.3 2020 rework

now 19

so there was thing were my uncle put 5 gallon of petrol in his diesel corsa, so i ended up with just over 7 gallon of contaminated petrol, so i brimmed bumblebee with it haha

yeah she smoked only when cold then after 300miles started to smoke like this intermittently, but ran her down some petrol and been fine since,
please dont do it, i stupid enought to , and it knack the cats and diesel knocks,
nothing much now , reitted the font anti roll bar, , still wants repainting really and fitting the rear,
fitted the top spec version of the jvc stereo to a identical version but its rgb, dab, bluetooth, ipod, android, phone, ect,
98k service is comming soon and i got a full service set up , oem nissan oil, gear oil, oem belts, filter, , new rocker cover , and do the handbrake and inspect the front brakes
next things for next year is new wishbone bushes as they are shot, sort the rear anti rollbar, sort the drivers sill as i rushed and its got some defects, sort the towbar and refit it, such, weld the bonnet as the o/s grill has a hole like normal , and odd and a panhard at some point
but she is more gokart like, rides nice and well, completely useable all round, and surprises people and passangers :)
On a little side note, picked this little one up
31k celebration clean just wants minor things ,
And it came with a new.stereo so.hooked up some tweeter and rear speakers, and going to add some popouts, maybe almera brakes and some alloys, and some little details,
Bumblebee isn't getting replaced ;)
Hopefully use this as a project while my health gets sorted as basically got no energy or out, it's why bumblebee isn't finished 100% on details and such
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And another one
2002 tempest , fairly clean just wants some love, going to do an initial D panda car with it , it's cost the same as the green one but got a spare boot lid (with wrap around ) on it and rear speaker and other then the sills is really clean :)
They are addictive little gits, haha, find there's more to them then most other cars
Put it this way, it's good there's no cheap yellow micra s around here, ;)
From 2015 had
1.1.2 k12 black sx sj04zud

2.K11 1.3 bumblebee,

3.2002 tempest 1.0 5Dr rotten sills and engine.rumbles a little but 2years later.it's still going strong , and came with Honda alloys , whole car was £70

4.2001 activ 1ltr, (it had been a write off, bodged sills, aircon ripped, engine swapped?, Ball joint fell out , ran well and looked well but was a #### heap) century green,

5.2002 .micra s 1ltr century green , no 5th gear cause of no oil , had done 15k without a serivce , shot discs with new pads haha, was a good car after some love,came from the scrapyard

6.Micra s in blue , 41k rot box but got it for the box and parts, then crushed 2000

7.Sport+ 1.4 #### heap 2001 , mains, and rings were shot, sills, boot, chassis rails, floor, axle ect were.rotten but we'll hidden, and sat for a year before been scrapped

8.Another micra s in silver from the scrapyard 2002, my dad bought it I played haha, wanted some minor welding then gave it to my sis, turned out to have loose and broke plugs and ran well haha, good car

9.Micra twister 1998 , 142 ran and drive perfect but rear was rotten , believe got scrapped not too long back :(

10.1999 silver k11 , sum it up , £1000s spent at a garage , to find it was bodged to hel l and dangerous , plus the rear axle was breaking away from the car (made it fun to drive haha) currently been used for parts as it had new apex coils fitted )

11.Micra active 2001 1.4, was a whim as I was going to repair it, but ended up buying it haha, wanted the garage bodges fixing, turned to be a good car ,

12.Micra celebration 31k 2000, just wants some minor rust , and clean , then getting upgraded and some good bits,

13.And the black/white panda tempest 2002, going to be a initial D panda car ha

Other then the k12 and bumblebee ,I would keep /have again. Would be 5 & 8 ,possibly 9 and possibly 12 but don't know if we'll enough haha

And I had a 99 clio 1.2 8v , it was ####, slow, everything broke , had been pampered all its life but was just simply a crap car

And my datsun sum it up 200k and abuse broke down once due to a hose clamp (cheap crap).cut the fuel line, but the rust got the best of it atm and it became a long term project :(
Really? My current K11 was from Shiremoor. Apparently we have all of the rust free Micra's. Took me 5 tries to find one that wasn't rotten when I lived in Hexham.
I've found up hexham they are really badly looked after, or dodgy garages claiming fails on nothing ,
Ann's never trust a set of wheels o r tyres , don't think I've seen a legit set that bent bent or bald haha,
they micra I got is from shiremoor ,or the maps in it and some bits lead to it lol,
So went to Sheffield 220miles to get 8 almera gti alloys
then gave its 98k service , and belts (still got the gearbox and fuel filter ) and it started ticking /knocking to corsa 1ltr level, hooo, nooo, then goes silent , appears the water pump bearing is on its way , I hope haha,
wants a good clean
Nothing much new
Still got a intermittent squeal which I think is the water pump and a dodgy n/s headlight plug , keeps winking at other cars lol
Fitted a mic to the stereo and baces on the sub
But really wants a wash lol (pics don't show well)
Those two have been really the only thing I've been doing and not much either :(
but basically due to health issues thing have been harder then normal and just put on hold
I'm hoping to get the white (panda) finished soon just got a vent and finish the sills before getting the aesthetics and some minor issues sorted for mot ,

Welding, and such on the white one and sub, rebadging ect on the green one
Other then health parts have been a pain or just stupid , had a lot of messers and let downs with parts , funny the only things that have gone well recently is a cheap induction kit off eBay lol,
SO if I'm after a si back seat with headrests , rear pockets, front fogs (99 spec) 34/40mm lowering coils (if not those I may just get.new)
So nothing much scrapped the parts micra I got the coils off,
And picked a 52plate up at the same time , it's near rust free, cleanest I've seen for a while
So had to get a line up shot haha
Not too much ,been ill and side affects , and well started on my pickup as it needs the body and bits sorting
Micra wise erm bought another 1.3 inspiration in yellow same as bumblebee
But got a wee bit of rust on the sills and that ,
The white panda Micra has been revived just wants the wheels paint and brakes sorting ,
Bumblebee still squeels , either a rear hose or water pump is dripping, ,wishbone bushes are still shot lol, drivers sill still wants looking at (not happy with the finish) fitted ceramic headlight plugs after they melted on the earth, , need to do the wiper arm bushes , and odds and sods really, almost at 100k and someone tried kicking my mirror off

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Been quiet on the micra front as just got sick of idiots ect and been ill which really knocked it out off me to the point of just selling the other two as they are, and that
Anyways started the other day back up with them, then got spammed with this on fb for sale and well had to haha , was cheap enough ,and a beat the banger boys to it ;) , so yeah, hopefully get those 3 sorted and some money, the pickup and bumblebee sorted :)
Just a 7month 5+k miles update
Everything's fine from winter ect
Drivers sill wants redoing , cause I rushed it originally like a tit lol
Rest is fine , odd chip in the axle and wishbones but nothing to worry bout maybe a touch up , waxoil look dirty but us expected
Just need to sort the rattles, towbar, and that haha,

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So pulled the front brakes off the check them over , had abit of wear 5k miles ,
But found is was my brake balance was all sent to the front haha, sorted that out
Pads are doing well with little wear ,
But stops well , just got to sort the bloody hand brake out haha

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Yeah , (I put new ones on all round ) but yeah stock shocks
Say your better off with new dampers tbh, it made the car very tight and I kinda burst one one strut when I turned up upside down to mask up haba
Gas ones ? I've got I think gas on the front and oil on the rear kyb, and it does not bounce , and it's pretty stiff ,
After that is your looking at adjustable pressure or spax (something along those lines)
Then you got the cords b set up (ugh 😱) which seems to ruin the ride from what I've been in ,
Yeah mine still rolls but I got larger dia tyres , and a but if weight in the car ,but it holds its own up in the corners haha,
I'm only running a front an to roll bar atm need to refit the rear


I've ruined my car 🙁
I think I'm going to need to mod the bushes as it's knocking alittle , bit of slap on the bolt ,
And probs a slight more adjustment on the set up , something to do lol

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My nodspeed one is currently the one in best condition but without the bushes it's useless, my whiteline one has welded itself together and my gizfab one has rusted so much the threads are stripped off so I really need to machine some bushes