apillar tweeter connection and rear speaker?

Hey guys,

Quick question since I gonna be getting my hands on some pillar tweeters for my car, where is the cable on the car and what does it look like? Or will I just need to wire it up my self?

Also I found this cable at the back. I'm assuming its he rear parcel shelf speaker connection?

Cheers :)

Oh and I snapped my driver side pillar while trying to find the tweeter wire. Damn it! >:l lol
Ok so I found the connectors :).
At first I only checked the driver side pillar and couldn't see it. but I just checked the passenger side and the clip was there :S.

Still couldn't find the driver side one. Had a look underneath the dashboard and saw this b**tard taped up in the most awkward position. Its the small connector with the orange and black wires.

I had to just thread it from the bottom up to the top (which was a annoying) and clip on the grey clip on the pillar hole.

Now just waiting on my pillar tweeters :)