Anyone got a K12 N-Tec?

As title. I am thinking of buying one, and wondered what your opinions were. Any problems with the connect system or cruise control I need to be aware of?

David i have a N-Tec,

Firstly there is no cruise control, there is a speed warning boing. So say you hit 70mph and press the button from the steering wheel. This will activate the speed warning so each time you hit / exceed 70mph you will hear the speed boing alarm thingy mabob alerting you of your speed.

I have had the 1.5 pure-drive diesel N-tec for a few years now and have had to carry out the following.

1, Changed both front lower control arms as there was a little play in the lower ball joints, as opposed to pressing in new ball joints i changed both arms which came with new joints and bushes all round.

2, Wiper linkage gave way whilst dad was using Toady my k12 on a trip up to Edinburgh. ( Lets not talk about that, AA fleeced him £250 for a complete new linkage not just a few arms)

3, Rear passenger side wheel bearing replaced.

4, Replaced both front coil springs.

5, Changed front anti roll bar bushes as there was a terrible squeak when going over speed bumps. ( Had to lower part of the sub frame to do these)

Connect multimedia system has been running fine, Bluetooth connects up pretty much straight away. The first time you pair a new phone you will be asked for a pin code, if its not been changed then the default is 1234.
Thanks for reply. I was wondering if it was cruise, or just a speed limit/warning of some kind.

All mechanical issues I'm aware of, as I have a Micra already, but the information on the features are appreciated.

I went to look at one today, and I couldn't get it to read a USB stick. Does yours? I pressed AUX, and nothing happened. The light on the USB stick came on. It does only have the one USB socket, yes?

The stick wasn't huge... just 16gb, and was formatted to FAT32. Just wouldn't even recognise I'd plugged it in.