Original Satnav from n-tec K12 to 2005 model

Is it possible to install a Satnav unit from an n-tec model (original equipment) straight into a 2005 Nissan Micra 1.5DCi Sport Plus model? Are the connectors the same? Is it a straight swap and plug in or are other components required such as modulator...GPS antenna quoting examples? I have the entire unit from a 2009 Micra n-tec model including fascia surround.....I know how to remove and install...thats not the problem....I just need to understand whether compatible? With thanks....anyone
I've got a qashqai connect one in our micra, was straight plug and play, except for the usb port, has to make a cable up for that.

For the GPS antenna I made my own connection up to an active GPS receiver I had and stuck it under the front of the dash.
Ours had bluetooth for phone already, to the mic was plug and play.