1400 Rally car build

Morning all. I have recently decided to build a rally car and with previous experience in the k11 platform I started looking around for a 1.4.
Saw one for sale in Manchester traveled up and the deal was done. I got it home and was the proud owner of a 1348 with 101000 miles. Let the fun begin...
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Due to being a struggling student this will be a long term build and I will be driving it at the same time as I can't afford to run another car and build this one. The first thing I did was to order a sunstrip and black grills of the bay. I also kept an eye out for a steering wheel and low and behold a Kode with quick release popped up at just the right time.
A boss was ordered and the build was underway!

Build so far - parts:
Quick release
Kode steering wheel
Bias valve
Copper brake lines
Led light bar
Bonnet pins
Spill kit
SOS/OK board
Black grills
Iridium Plugs
Note Injector's
MSA spec electric cut off

Build so far - fitted:
Quick release
Bonnet pins
Black grills
Iridium plugs
Spill kit and SOS board.

I hope to get the copper lines run next week and get the bias valve in place. I have a night nav on Wednesday so I might be cutting it a bit close and have to leave it until after the event.

The next items on the list will hopefully be in this order:
Braided lines from new copper pipes
Redtop battery relocation to make use of MSA cut off
Seats and harnesses
Braided Fuel lines with sampling kit
Log booked
Cams and remap

I've tried to buy the little things as and when I can knowing they will be needed at some stage along the line.
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I'm doing something similar with my brother so interested to see how this goes for you. Currently waiting for an engine crane to arrive so I can get the engine & transmission I bought out of my passenger footwell!