1.2 Impul March

My new baby! From Japan via the states apparently! Bought from a dealer in Northern Ireland. Needs a tidy up and clean. That will be done once registered. Along with gel plates, an original steering wheel, white rally style mud flaps and black heater dials.
The flaps have arrived and the back passenger window sticker removed, as it was in a bad way and none on the passanger side. I’m going to get the stickers/decals tidied up as just want to freshen it up!

I got a good price for the work in want done including a lot of back to standard jobs and replacement parts. Also the airbag suspension and an exhaust cutoff so it’s loud as and when I want it! Hopefully will get that organised and work can begin!
The log book with reg have arrived!! Took a while, but worth the wait. I’m going for jell JDM plates, so will get these ordered ASAP. It’s all taking time, but want everything right before getting it out to a meet, might be spring before then now.
I need ideas for the back wing for a decal(s)
The one above the 12 will be done with orange background and possible the orange version sun strip. There are so many different versions on this racing decals on various racing Nissans.


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The work begins on Saturday 8th. First is to get the car upto UK MOT standards if anything is required to be undertaken, get the MOT done, then the mods so I can get the car on the road with an insurance policy. Been a long time comming, but it will be worth the waite and cost and get it out to meets.
The Impul passed the MOT today!! It has a full sainless high end exhaust, so abandoning the idea of the exhaust mod, so just suspention coilovers and graphics tidy up/update. Not long now till it's on the road!!


The car when it left to get the work started! Been a long time coming! But worth it!!
Suspention ordered. It will take some time to get to me before I can have it fitted, but at least the next step is underway!


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That’s the suspension kit arrived. Monday it’s getting fitted then it will get the set up done and alinement done. I’d say about a full week and then I can get the decals done!

That’s the car on the road now!


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