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    Mark's 1.0LX

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    JAE 2010 Stand List

    put me down il be in me k11
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    Few photo's of my K11

    scopez call me please
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    K10 Overpricing Problem! Cambelt, Fuel Pump,
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    JDM Shift Knob?

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    (WIP) Wide White Micra

    dibs on the engine if you brake it
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    Help with Timing Chain. How/what to check?

    the big pully that your belts go on turn the nut holding this on if you take the wheel off its right in frount of you
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    Official? Micra K11 Rally Pictures

    thats noway an andros ice rally car the real thing they were a 3.0 stroked to a 3.5 v6 428ps 4wd & 4wheel steering, spaced framed there was also a few sr20 powered
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    Fully adjustable 5 link rear.

    whats so adjustable about these by the looks of it you can only adjust the lenth by unscrewing the rose joint 15mm each end if your droping the car by 50mm the panhard rod will need shortening witch by the looks of it is not possable also how do the rose joints that are not very wide sit in...
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    K11 tomei cams for sale

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    How to change waterpump & powersteering belt?

    un do the 15 or 17mm nut on the frount of the pulley then theres a 10mm on the mount towards the bulkhead undo this an it will loosen the belt
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    Breakers in south east london?

    the small brakers across the road from halfords in thornton heath has 2 k11 also the very small brakers allong southbridge rd in south croydon there also one off mitcham rd after lonbards roundabout
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    k11 ice race footage

    these are AWD with 4 wheel steering and 450bhp on tap