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  • yeah, that bit sticking out's threaded for the nut on the centre cap to screw onto. As originally it'd have been a bolt screwing the centre cap into that little plinth.
    "are they ford wheels your running on your micra?"
    Yeah, redrilled 13x7 Ford Capri Brooklands :)
    You could go out but might have to wait a few days for them to redeliver. All couriers I've used will redeliver for free, typically just got to type a code on their website and pick a date, some couriers won't even allow you to pick up from there warehouse so redelivery is only option.
    ah yeah ok just seen yours and franks chat, I've not a clue really, probably some unknown small courier, if your not in theyll probably leave a card offering a redelivery date -its happened to me before.
    Like a courier? If so most will do, Royal Mail and DHL(via are pretty good at mid/large packages in my experience, you've got to know the dimensions and weight of the package though. The original box I got my FK ones in was about 35cmx30cmx100cm and 10kgs if that helps?
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