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  • Hi Martinb,
    I am reliably told that you might be able to give me a price on doing the clutch on my Super S,look forward in your reply.

    alright mate can you do me a diogram of how to fit corsa b coilovers to micra please
    Hi Martin, love your black Micra - those tyres/wheels under the arches are pornographically nice (Y). Could you mail me a clear hi-res pic of the car to guyrwood at hotmail dot com? I'd love to put it on my Micra site :blush:. Cheers mate.
    Sounds a good plan, y u selling the 200sx?? They are good cars, insurance?, or just fancy a new project? I like the new idea very much. Have u seen my blog?? Its slowly gettin there should be bk on the road very soon, turned it into a van, nice momo steering wheel, stripped, loads of other goodies hell yeah!!!!!
    hey mate when you put your wheels on did you use longer wheel studs if yes did you put them on yourself and also have any problems
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