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    Radio code needed for ford fiesta mk6

    hi guys would really appreciate if i can get this code. don't want to be taking it to the dealers. thank you. serial number is v029189 model kw2000 part number 6s61-18c815-ah
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    What other car forums are you on?

    i go onto
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    Angry thread, something you've just got to get out? Do it here.

    the driver in front drives very slow when you're in a rush.
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    Forum software update / chat spam warning thread

    Hi James. It doesn't let you upload zip or rar files?
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    MSC 2011 Club Calendar

    is it just micra images only?
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    Hello, and my k11 :)

    hello jctlopez. (Y) welcome to the club. nice car.
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    The MSC heres a pic of me Thread!!!

    hi there welcome to MSC. enjoy your stay. (Y)
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    hey hey hey

    welcome mate.
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    Free Solar Panels

    youre right there mate. sorry.
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    Free Solar Panels

    colission where did you find that? no mate youre wrong.
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    japanese porn..pic heavy..

    some very nice cars there. kind of you to share (Y)
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    Free Solar Panels

    A Shade Greener is a Renewable Electricity Generator that is utilising the Government initiated FIT Scheme, which commenced on 1st April this year, in order to install FREE solar panel systems onto domestic properties in parts* of Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and...
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    hello mate how ya doing? (Y)

    hello mate how ya doing? (Y)
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    I'm a Grandad

    congratulations malcomt. (Y) how old is you if you don't mind me asking?
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    New Server on the way!!!