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    K11 distributor

    sorted now. ordered a new one from ebay yesterday at £115 and fitted today...runs like a dream! thanks anyway peeps! :grinning:
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    K11 distributor

    The micra has died and has no spark at all. The RAC man and me come to the same conclusion that the distributor has died. so has anyone got one that deffo works that they want to sell? Its for a 1.3i 2000 reg mystique. any quick help would be appreciated as the wife has no transport at the...
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    Breaking k10 micra

    do you have a light controller out of your k10 available?
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    wanted: K10 light controller

    no i havent checked any scrappies yet but you dont see many k10's any more. if anyone is breaking a k10 i will have the part if they still have it?
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    wanted: K10 light controller

    it looks like this:
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    wanted: K10 light controller

    right guys i may be calling this the wrong name so correct me if im wrong. I have just bought a 1988 Nissan Laurel and it has a problem with the left light not working, even bridging only corrected the dipped beam but not the parklights or main beam. I was told it uses the same control box for...
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    Car Vandalised!!!

    FFS! hope you find the culprits and #### them! you claiming of your insurance then?
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    talk about body filler abuse

    dont like the exterior of the car but i really appreciate the effort that went into it...very well done!
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    Hi all

    hi sarah! wheres the pics of the car? lol
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    Calling all North Members (West, Central and East)

    Real Name: Lee Age: 38 Car: K11 Micra mystique Location: Boldon Nr Sunderland Max travel to meet in miles: any depending on meet Bio/Something interesting: I like to fiddle and repair cars a lot, as well as the Micra I have an Almera GTi, Scooby STi RA, Vectra C and a wide body Calibra! My...
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    k11 heating...its pants!

    im going to give this a go now. thanks!
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    fake iphone

    nice one! be careful this time...try and win one near you so you can look at it first.
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    got another car tonight.

    well someone might be buying the calibra tomorrow, if not then its the T5! sleeper car!
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    got another car tonight.

    I know! just been offered a swap for the calibra for a volvo T5 estate running 300bhp! its right next to the car in middlesbrough too so that would save getting the calibra trailered back.
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    got another car tonight.

    just the smaller one...2litre 8 valve so cheap insurance (doesnt bother me with traders policy!(Y)) you should see what ive been offered so far! not good!