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    Central locking and Cabin Light

    Apologies if this is wrong as it happened ages ago and the brain aint so good these days....but If you look at a wiring diagram they are all linked through one fuse.....every time I replaced it, it would just blow again...Stangely, mine was due to a short caused by a shorting rear brake/tail...
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    Heavily Misted Windows inside - Any Ideas/Settings to sort?

    I use one of those Karcher window vacs, they work a treat - picked it up for a fiver. Every time you get a parcel from amazon/ argos/ currys - save the silica gel packs you get..... put a couple in each door pocket too.
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    Photo's of Members K11's

    that's a beauty!
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    Scratched side window glass tip

    Bought a new side window from the scrappy, had some deep scratches on it.....If you have the same, try AUTOSOL metal/chrome polish.....will take half hour at least, but will really improve the situation. Just a tip!
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    Photo's of Members K11's

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    Theoretical sr question!

    If there was a 1.3 SR with 5 mths ish mot in of only 61 SR's left, rear drum model 140k but running driving fine and serviced every 10k but needing some tlc Looks similar to this minus it something people would want or will it be a 50quid dump at scrappy job...
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    Boot release lever walk thru

    Brilliant Maarten thanks very much!
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    First post - another OBD thread; what do I need?

    Put in some redex injector cleaner and give it a good thrashing, might just save your bacon for the sake of a fiver
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    heater controls

    Is there any way to get to the heater flap without removing heater panel
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    K11 heater switch clicking

    Madmonkee this this the same for 2002 facelift...same problem as op .
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    Boot release lever walk thru

    Hi alll, Anyone please point me towards a video or picture walk thru to replace fuel release lever with fuel release and tailgate re lease....basically got a newer k11 now which has only fuel release push but no tailgate pull and want to put in a lever from an older kk11 that has remote...
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    Dealer on A High

    Yes, I had a 1.0 up for sale for £350 with 12mths MOT, no bugger wanted it....mind you it was purple.
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    In need of a screw!

    Anyone got a reliable Ebay/Amazon/ECP link to a dizzy rotor arm screw for a K11 1.3. thankyou! Just bought a rotor arm and no screw in box, old screw on the verge of rounding off. Rather not journey to a scrappy if I can get it delivered by postman pat.
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    New person!

    When you have some spare cash, trade in your standard steelies/alloys for wider wheels - 195's 45's are good:) will make your micra out-handle many cars 10x the price and makes a huge difference maintaining pace in a 1.0 without having to slow up for bends. Swap your dash bulbs for Blue...
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    The secret of great hula hoops

    I have decided to share this after many years, it was passed on as a family drunken night I decided to make a video to share with the please share this with your kin. It will bring you great joy and world peace. They literally are fantastic. Admin remove this if not...