Windscreen single wash/ wipe not working , help appreciated

Hi when i pull the wiper stalk towards me the washer fluid sprays on the window, but the wipers dont move... the other settings are ok,intermittent, slow and hi speed wipe? Any advice please? Is it a relay or simliar or possibly the actual stalk ? Thanks in advance
Not sure they should move, pretty sure ours doesn't move.
Many cars dont have it automatic since wiping with no screenwash is often worse then doing nothing.
Hi many thanks for replying , thats great if they arent meant to , i can relax 🤣 could any other micra owners comment if theirs do ? Its the first nissan we have owned and it didnt come with an owners manual thanks again
G'day from the Land of the Finns!
On mine when I pull lever, washer fluid sprays on the window, and the wipers move/wipe.
Micra of mine is 2006 160SR, wiper functions may have model differences...?! :unsure: