wheel bolts

Hi there guys. Just bought some new alloys for the micra. Just wanted to know is their a safe distance that the bolt has to be on the nut. (It goes on with a little amount of thread infront of the nut 5mm max if that really) if not how do I go about changing the wheel mount brackets to get longer bolts on there.


1st Micraversary!

a figure you way wish to use is 1.5 times stud diameter*, so on a 12mm Micra stud that's 18mm of wheel nut in contact with the threads of the stud. If you're saying you've got all the nut on and there's 5mm of thread spare then that's fine, so long as they aren't stupidly short nuts and they have the correct taper for your alloys (probably a 60 degree seat).

Hope that helps. I can't remember about the studs but if you want longer ones you might need to find a garage with a hydraulic press to fit them for you.

*MSA blue book