Sports Airfilter (First car)

Hey, I've got a K10 1.2L 1991 Micra and I would like to squeeze out some more hp from it. Would it be possible to remove the airfilter pan and attach an adapter and a 3" sports airfilter? I opened the pan up and noticed two.. things? They look like sensors of sorts but I don't know what they do. I Also noticed a pipe going to the intake, I asume this is for the summer/winter modes. Is it safe to just pop the whole thing of and attach a tube with a filter instead? Thanks in advance!
A bit if an update. I found the blueprints and now see that the "things" were the temperature sensor conected to the vacum motor and the idle compensator. There is alot of things going on in the airfilter housing. BUT, could I live without it? If yes, what do I need to do.