[Sold] Complete K10 for Recommission or Parts

K10 used for engine swap with Pao.

Complete car in great condition, had a full MOT, 27k miles. Now has no engine up front and a Pao motor and box in the boot (MA10S 3-speed auto) that was on higher miles but ran well, if very slowly.

May be missing a couple of parts if @K10LS makes it up to me as he has claimed "first dibs". ;)

You could drop the engine in and off you go, or use the car as a re-shell for your rusty one, or break it for parts. Interior is really quite immaculate.

PE29 Huntingdon UK. Would appreciate some token amount of money, otherwise I may try fitting the engine myself over the winter!


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I have a 1992 5-door Nissan Micra K10 SLX with a 1235cc MA12S petrol engine. I need the drivers side door catch, the square ring with rubber intact that bolts onto the upright. Can do?