Slippery golden brown goodnes

Doing the N.C.T. Next week, and due an oil change shorty anyhow so i'm going to look after it tomorrow.

Car has a hefty mileage, well clear of 100k on a 2004 K12 1.0
Usually change it with 5w30 magnetec around every 7-8000 miles, i like this oil seeing as its a bit thin its better for all my short stop-start journeys and the timing chain etc (chain is very quiet and want to keep it that way)...
funds being tight i was just going to go for my local motor factors own brand oil in 10w40 semi-synt. as the car is on the market when i get it tested...

the question the being, would this be a bad idea taking the car into account?
is there any point paying extra for a brand name when it comes to oil?
if anyone wants to recommend an oil please go ahead :D

I also have 5 liters of delco 15w40 'high milage' aching to be used in the shed, but i think its too thick?
(before some smart ass says it, not the whole 5 liters :p)

Probably should have put this in the K12 section, sorry


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if you getin rid of the manufacture recommended should be good enough dont know your other question apart from being skint wats the choices?


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andyseadog, just buy the best you can afford mate! i dont think its going to be a huge differance in quality (but obviously the brand is going to be better) i use 15w 40 im my k11's as thats what it says to use in the hayns manual but some owners use 10w 40?
2.9 litres of delco 15w40, costing me nothing and a €5 union oil filter...i think it sounds rougher but maybe thats just because im expecting it to?, im not sure :S either way its done :D


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I opened this thread hoping it would be about a smooth low metallic bronze K11 rolling on gold centered splits.