Shallow mount speakers that don't need spacers.


Here's a quick list of (6.5" - 17cm) comps and full range co-axials that will fit the K11 (all models) without issue:

Feel free to add any others you may find also.

Components: (6.5" - 17cm)
Alpine SPE-17SF Shallow Mount
FLI Audio Integrator COMP6
JBL GT5-650C
Vibe LiteAir 6

Full range:
Ground Zero Radioactive GZRF 16FX
Infinity Reference 6532si Shallow Mount
Infinity Reference 6032si
JBL GTO -6528S
Vibe Slick 60 v2
Zero ZX6
forgot to ask, is there such a thing as shallow 6 x 9s?

looking to replace the factory 6" speakers in my parcel shelf and didn't want to give up any boot space :)


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components for the doors and any 6x9's can fit in the rear but components are better couple them with a decent sub and bobs ya t pot
Hi, I have a Micra K11 and I need to replace the front door speakers, because only the driver's side works, not the passenger's. Would I be able to buy any of the ones listed above, take the old ones out and slot them nicely into these doors without any mods?

I'm really bad with DIY so I prefer that there are speakers that are simply a swap in job where I can screw out and unplug the factory ones, and then screw in and plug in the new ones. Oh and if anyone could tell me how I get the old speaker out, it would be much appreciated. The furthest I've got is taking off the plastic piece on the door handle, and taking off the one single screw underneath! Searching the forum for 'door panel' doesn't give any useful results :( And I share this car as well so I don't wanna botch up the door panel!

I hope to hook it up with a Pioneer DEH 2220UB. Just the front speakers, no subwoofer or rear speakers for the time being. I was thinking maybe some coaxial speakers since I don't really need the extra quality of the components and all that extra boom boom lol. Some of the ones listed above are around 20 quid but my absolute budget would be 40-50 I guess.

Edit: I was thinking of these PIONEER-TS-G171C? It's 6.5"/17cm, component, Pioneer (prefer to have the same brand as my HU if possible), and I read on another site the mounting depth is about 47mm. Looks like the RMS is only 35W though!

Many thanks!


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i currently run Infinity Reference 6520CS shallow mount components, they are so good i bought 3 sets! they are pretty cheap from Amazon, and fit nicely.
Hi, please add JBL GTO 628 to the list, they have a 52mm mounting depth so certainly fit in the K11.