Revs only going to 1800 rpm

I have a 2018 Micra 1.5 diesel and have started to notice starting off in first gear sometimes the maximum revs i can get are 1800 rpm.
This is dangerous if trying to do a quick manoeuvre as the car will be very slow.
The car has 10000 miles 14 months old i bought it 5 weeks ago.
Has anyone had this happen or know why.


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Sounds like it has gone into 'limp mode' , I echo the above take it back to the dealership.....
i have the diesel, and not experienced the limited rev thing.... so keep on at the dealer to sort it.

My dislike with the diesel is the engine shunting when the revs drop down to 1400 revs.... diesels are meant to pull strongly at low revs, mine needs to be revving at 2000 revs minimum to feel comfortable.