Removing K12 Fog Lamp Without Horrid Ordeal.


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So a couple nights a go my car had a fight with a bloody big badger. It cracked my bumper, removed my arch lining, bent the splitter, made a hole in the washer bottle, and has put out a fog lamp.

The badger is now pretty damn dead.

I've so far fixed the washer bottle, had a crack at the splitter, done the arch lining, and the fog light is best (only just found it doesn't work, looks completely undamaged).

However, from getting the washer bottle out I know what a bloody pain in the proverbial it is to get to the area I need to for me to inspect the fog lamp, lamp off, wing off, bumper off, etc. etc.

Is there an easy way to get the driver's side fog light out or do I have to take it all off again?

Otherwise I might as well wait until the bumper goes in to get the crack fixed, which is spreading :/