Rear Hatch Glass Lift Supports Replacement DIY

I figured I'd post how I replaced my rear hatch struts, since the parts are pretty easy to come by, and it's an easy fix as long as you have a rotary tool.

I bought the ball studs that are specifically for hatch struts on eBay. The size was 10mm M8 X 1.25 thread.

The gas struts were 20 inches long extended with 20 pounds of force. If you Google 20" rear hatch lift supports 20 pounds of force you'll find them all over, just make sure they're the ones that have two 10mm open ends. I paid $20 USD for the two struts and I paid $11 USD for a pack of 4 ball studs.

Supports I bought:

Remove the old struts (two Phillips screws on the body and a wrench to unbolt the studs from the glass)
Once unbolted from the glass, I used the claw end of a hammer to separate the factory ball studs from the old shocks and mounted them back to the hatch glass.

Hold the strut with one hand and bend the bracket back and forth until the soft metal just breaks off. (I did this because I didn't want to cut anywhere near the gas charged struts, and it makes it easier to mount the bracket in the vice)

Mount the bracket into a vice.

With a rotary tool and cutting disc grind off the small end of the gold pivoting point.

Use a punch to knock out the old pivoting point.

Fit the new ball stud. I had to drill a new hole with a 21/64 drill bit.

Sand and paint if desired.

Mount the ball stud with a self locking nut. I used a 13mm.

Install mounts back in car with the two Phillips screws.

Install new struts.

Enjoy having a hatch that stays up!



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how did you get the old ones off? Kevin Thomas NJ new PAO owner
Undo the ball stud on the window side with a 10mm. As it breaks loose, you'll have to hold the black metal piece on the outside of the window. It should come right off. Then on the body side it just comes off with a phillips head screw driver. To get the ball stud out of the old strut I just pried it out with the claw end of a hammer with one quick pull.
Thanks for posting. I sent mine to LS Technologies in Saskatoon, Canada. I like to keep things original, so I was very happy that they came back looking almost exactly like the originals. I think they used 30 lbs of pressure.