Pao Power steering racks available?

My power steering rack for my recently acquired Pao is toast. The person that owned it before me didn't replace the torn gaitors and the shaft got rusted. Are there good used racks available? Are they the same as the K10? I know that some of the later Paos shared the Figaro rack but this is an early one with a different rack. Has anyone swapped out a Figaro rack on a Pao that had an earlier style rack? And if so, was it bolt-on? Trying to weigh my options.
I was able to locate a rebuilder who did an excellent job. I purchased the seal kit on Amayama and then sent that and the rack to a rebuilder who got it back into shape. He was even able to fix the corrosion issue by replacing part of the rack with another Nissan rack. The Figaro rack has different mounting locations than the early Pao rack. Some have used a manual rack from a Micra if you can find them but that would also require some more work than rebuilding.
Hi PAOsters, my little PAO is broken down at the mechanics garage because of its much leaking steering rack that has to be replaced. The rack has been shown to a rack specialist here in France who says the inner hydraulic system is out of order : "ovalized" and "distorted". I asked Maz at the Figaro Shop who suggests me to send him the rack and show it to his own repairman without guaranteeing that it will be repairable. Is the Figaro rack so different ? What would be the adapting work to do on it ? I am bad at mechanics questions so I need help to give indications to my mechanic man ! Please help! Thanks