Panhard rod

Hi, I need to change my panhard rod as I've lowered my car but I have a few questions. I've heard that a starlet panhard rod fits and its an actual rod rather than a formed piece of bar, is this true. Also does anyone know how much the standard panhard rod would have to be shortened compared to how many coils you have chopped off for example copping 2 coils would be an 'x' number of mm shorter. Thanks
You could probably measure it yourself;
Note you are removing the panhard bar to do this I doubt this is likely to cause problems just sitting there but observe and be cautious.
  1. Jack up your car on a level flat surface.
  2. Remove your panhard rod
  3. Lower your car back down on its wheels, be gentle the panhard's job is to keep the car over the axle and it's no longer there.
  4. Ensure the car is sitting centrally on it's wheels
  5. Measure the distance between the panhard mounts, this is the length you new panhard to needs to be too centre your wheels.
Or a slightly less accurate way would be to measure how much more one wheel sticks out than the other, half this and that's what you need to take off, roughly.