Lowering and Panhard Rod

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I don't like asking questions I see getting answered all the time on the forums but I need some sort of advice..

I'm going to be lowering my car as soon as pay-day comes with Matiz struts and springs in the front with Corsa rear struts and Alto springs at the rear.

Now I've got two questions about this:

1. How many mm lower will I be getting with this setup?

2. The amount of low now comes to my second question; I've read on the forums that our cars need an adjustable panhard rod when going lower than 50mm, now my question is, will I be needing an adjustable panhard rod for this setup?

If I do need an adjustable panhard rod would there be any other way of bypassing this? maybe I could get one custom built at a shop or something along the lines? The issues is that I live all the way across the other side of the world and shipping stuff here just isn't worth it... Just the whiteline adjustable panhard rod would cost me about 500 dollars to get here... LOL o_O I also saw that Frank can custom make bushes and was wondering how these work? maybe I can fab up something that could help me out...

I actually wanna lower my car about 80mm but it seems impossible for me because of the shipping fees of the panhard rod.. :mad:

anyways... I hope I can get some help on the subject any advice on pointing me in any type of direction would be much appreciated :):):)
Any fab shop could make an adjustable rod. There are two types adjustable on car and only off car, but they both work. The bushes that frank makes basically offset the inner hole in the bush for the bolt,making it move sideways. You could maybe make one, he used nylon i think. Btw the matiz corsa drops 50mm but the front matiz spring perches can but cut lowered and rewelded to get to 80mm.