North East Meet For May Time?



is there going to be a meet up in may sometime do you thing?

what are you thinking of doing for it?

i live in stockton-on-tees, near middlesbrough, would it be anywhere around here?


There may well be another meet in May. Will have to see what the everyone is up to. You'd be more than welcome to attend any meet in the future.

There's a few us from Stockton, e.g. Wayne (quickdraw) and Danni

I'm working down in Stockton also, so you may see my bog standard X reg K11 Micra S around.

Might be bowling for the next meet depending on budgets, we usually go Karting a little later when the weather is better.


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matty where in stockton u from?
what u drive?
i drive the black k11 with tints exhaust alloys etc... seen it about?


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hi matty
were abouts in stockton are you from?
you just may know my motor :p

what do you drive?

yes there will be a load of meets mate. what do you do for a living ;)
or are you handy with cars. as we have a north east project on the go. we could use your help possibly:p

again welcome


Micra K11ng
Welcome to the club mate, sure you'll have seen either Wayne or Danni driving around.

At the moment we're in the middle of a project so there will be many more meets soon. We've only got to July!
Titch :kungfu:


hey hi there!

some one replies at last!

i live in Norton Village, just down from Stockton!

yes, i do know that car of yours, Danni!

black k11 Micra w reg

i think, crome door handles, black out window tints

and that silver playboy bunny thingy-mi-jig on the

back of it cool car!

where do you live?

if stockton what part?

i have driven past you once or twice before!

i drive a Micra K11 1.0L 16v W reg Metallic Blue, Black out window tints, crome handles, side wind defectors, clear rear lights and side lights, 15" alloys, lowered by 35mm spring kit, no body-kit don't like them my-self, just a rear boot soiler SR style! Jan Speed Exshaust system, and some engine mods too!

keep an eye out for me!

and i'll keep an eye out for you!

there is another modified metallic green k11 micra in Norton too keep an eye out for him too don't know him that well but he lives down the street for me!

thats cool too!

i have seen other modified micras about but can't quite remmmeber where sorry!

i work yes!

i work in Stokeleys, as an trainee production engineer!

was a student before that!

i know some things about cars!

why, what is this project thing that you are all going on about?



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yea i know who ya are matty seen ur car about loads... mainly when i going to and from work.
i live on durham road n work at northfield skool

gimmie a beep next time ya c me :p


what the hell are you doing to that poor little Micra!!!!!???