No.4 cylinder misfire

Hello chaps. My sister owns a '03 K12 with the CR10DE engine. The engine check light has come on a couple of times in the past with a no.4 cylinder misfire code. She was told by mechanic it might be the coil pack. I offered to do the job and downloaded a service manual but I hadn't realized how big the job was until I read it. I thought it was just a case of pulling old one out and sticking new one in but from what I can see now I will have to dismantle the whole air cleaner case assembly and remove the electronic throttle control actuator just to access the coil pack Is this correct? Is it not possible to remove the entire air cleaner case assembly without having to separate the upper and lower cases and remove the electronic throttle control actuator, etc?


Has gone over to the oily side...
Easiest way to check is to swap 2 coilpacks around and see if the 30* code changes. I was really daunted at first but can do it in 10 minutes now. Don't worry about all the 'you need a computer to drain the fuel pressure' rubbish in the manual. Just make sure the car's been off for a few hours before you pull an injector out :).