Lowering Springs for MICRA C+C

hello,everybody. i'm shima, from japan, looking for lowering springs for my MICRA C+C.

we have MICRA(called 'march') here as well.and in July 2007 NISSAN(jp) has started to sell MICRA C+C,imported from UK. so i bought the red MICRA.

it's very sad i can't get lowering springs for MICRA C+C here.
there's none for sell in japan. so i looked through web sites,and i've come here for help.

could anyone please recommend what to buy?
i wish to buy springs online shopping.


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they should be the same as the other k12 micras (march's) in japan land. and there is much more available than over here. springs, shocks, kits, coilovers.....whatever you want.

hopefully you speak japanese (which would help living there) so have a look on some of the japanese march forums. there should be loads of info from local to you

good luck and welcome also..lol
hi,Antony. thanks for your reply.

as you say, yes,we have many kinds of customised parts here for k12,k11,k10.
but only 1500 of MICRA C+C will be imported from UK,and so far ,i guess we only have imported about 200 something. and it's the 1st time to import MICRA C+C.

MICRA C+C is too few ,too new so that no company will make after parts for it. i've already tried one of lowered springs for k12 (japan made), and didn't fit at all.

body size of k12 and MICRA C+C are different.

i've found 'Koni' sells springs for k12. are they also available for MICRA C+C ?

does anyone own MICRA C+C ?

i really need help. i've already bought wheels, but they're too wide...i've got to lower MICRA C+C.

please forgive my poor english, and i hope that i've made myself understood.


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yes thats brilliant english, (better than some on here..lol_)

i understand, but being a k11 owner not the best person to ask. i would have thaught they where the same.



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shima the springs off an AK12 or BK12 March will fit on the Micra C+C. They use the same suspension setups and layouts.