LED indicator bulbs

Notice all 6 indicator bulbs on K13, Front Back and Sides, are the painted bulb type not tinted reflector. From experience after 3 to 4 years the amber colour starts to peel off which can be MOT failure as bulbs would supposedly flash white light. Thinking at some point I might replace with amber LED indicator bulbs. Anyone had any experience of these? Understand they should last life of car. Seem to be a bewildering variety - different number of LEDs - but don't know if small amber LEDs for side repeaters are available..........
PS also think might look better at least on front where the amber bulbs reflect a lot of amber
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I never used amber leds for turning positions, but I've used blue leds for the front position lights. To be more accurate, I'ved used 3 types: Single bulb led, Multiple square bulb leds and Multiple Mini Bulbs Leds. They were fine for about 2-3 weeks. After that one side used to burn... I've ordered replacement ones, replaced them but still had problems. I am back to the factory bulbs now. I've tried them on multiple cars (Mitsubishi, Opel, Toyota), not only on the Micra, so I would not recomend using leds. Not sure if the Leds were of cheap quality, but I remember that they were not made in China.

Anyway :) Here are some links:

In all Nissans I have owned (2x Micra's, 2x Almera's, 2x Primera's, 1x 200sx, 1x Nissan Note) and family (1x Almera, 5x Primeras, 3x Micra's) own, they have had at least 1 set of orange painted bulbs and it has never been a problem with the colour fading.

If anything, I have found LED replacements to be unsuitable as they tend to be rated for 12v, but alternators can push out 14v to charge the battery which causes them to blow.

For the amount it would cost, you might as well save your money and just replace as and when required, they only cost a few quid for a pair at most!

The other issue you may find is due to the lower load, it may result in the indicator flashing "quicker"