K12 squeaky drivers window

Hi all

I have trolled this forum and i wasn't able to find this question.

To the point on my k12 the drivers side wind squeaks when I open it and it's such an ear hurting noise
And the problem is that the window drags the seal down so it's rubbing the rubber in stead of the fabric feeling stuff on the inside.

And I was wondering if you lot have any tips or tricks you could tell me so the seal doesnt get trap or to stop the squeaking.

Your answears will be greatly appreciated
replace seal or glue seal to door?
if you know how then maybe worth taking the door card off and check if the glass is screwed in properly (maybe its been replaced at some point but not fitted correctly?)


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I think I've sussed this - mine does it, too. If you take the door skin off, you'll see that that glass slides up and down between two blocks of polystyrene :rolleyes:. No doubt a Renault part of the car :D.


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Mines also doing this, and it's such a nasty noise I'd agree, I've found that it's a loose clip around the window rubber so as the glass slides down, there isn't enough resistance on the rubber and it folds inwards. Haven't quite figured out how I'm going to fix it but it only seems to be a problem on a sunny day.