K12 radio fascia removal with no access to top screws.

I need to access the serial number of my radio (so i can get the code).
But all the videos are for the Fascia types with a panel / flap to access the top screws.
Mine is a full Fascia with only access to the lower screws. like pic below.

How do i remove the Fascia / radio ???
I can help with this, so unclip and remove the two A pillar trims, remove the top of the dash which will expose a bracket (picture1) that has 3 x 10mm bolts, remove the upper 10mm bolt then remove the two lower screws just above the heater controls and the whole panel will come out, nothing else is holding it in.

On your facelift car the two upper screws (behind the removable panel which you don't have) are replaced by clips similar to picture2, your clips will have a flexible push fitting on them which will allow you to pull out the radio surround.


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You need to unclip the main dash top. You dont need to take it right off, it'll move up enough to reach the bolt.

You also need to take at least one of the air vents offto get the whole unit out.
The air vents unclip if necessary from the radio surround, they do not need to be removed/unclipped to get the surround out, they simply pull out from the rest of the car once the top bolt and two lower screws are removed.
Thanks for your help. was so easy.
Will just add a few pointers I found.
- Taking the rubber door surround off along the A pillars, makes removing the trim much easier.
- DAsh dose not need to be removed, just lifted at the front to allow access to the bolt
- Unclipping the Vents from the surround (its just 2 plastic loop clips) and popping them back in the vent hole, makes removal a lot easier.
- The indicator stalk can get in the way. Move the steering wheel column up/down, you can get passed this annoying obstacle
- The top bracket, for the 10mm bolt, may catch on the inside of dash. It is tight, but if you rotate the front of the unit upwards as you slide out it will come free.
- Mind the cables. It a tight hole to extract the unit from. don't force anything. last thing you need is to be redoing the connectors or wiring harness. ( no I didn't damage mine )

Another Hint, If you have any annoying cables (like dash cam / satnav) running up the side of the A pillar. Use this moment to hide them behind the trim.
Does anyone have a link where I can purchase wiring harness for this model? I’ve searched and searched but only showing incorrect ones, based in UK
ok, it looked like you wanted to harness for the connect1 to the nissan.
Halfords or ebay will have any other make.
So I went to Halfords and they said I needed the ct20sn03, however it didn’t fit, starched below is the the reverse of my stereo looks like, any help would be much appreciated


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