Removing the radio from a K12.


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I decided to paint my radio surround matt black as most of the rest of the interior is black. Removing it entails removing the radio so this will double as a radio-removal guide (Y).

Firstly, grab hold of the door trim and pull. Pull it off sufficiently to reveal both ends of the A-pillar trim. Do this on both sides of the car:


Get your finger tips behind the top of the trim and pull back. It will unclip and come off quite easily, again do both sides:


Now you will be able to see the end edge of the top of the dashboard. Again, just get your fingertips under it and lift. The entire thing is held on by 6 clips and it comes off very easily:


You will now be able to see what it looks like underneath your dash!


You can now see the three 10mm bolts that hold the upper radio bracket. You need to remove them using a 10mm socket on a short extension bar:


Underneath the radio surround, you will see two phillips head screws. Remove them:


The trim panel above the radio is held on by two clips. Although it is angled, it pulls off directly horizontally towards you. Remove it and remove the two screws revealed underneath it.



Pull the radio and attached surround halfway out and disconnect the two wiring connectors and the aerial from behind the radio and remove it completely:


You now need to remove the airvent from either side of the radio. Use a flat-bladed screwdriver to carefully release the two clips that hold each vent on:


Here you can see that there are two screws either side of the radio that attach it to the trim. Remove these and the radio can be detached. You can also see that there are four screws either side of the radio that attach it to the metal cage:


If you need the serial number of your radio to reset the code, it is the BP number shown here on the label:


Re-assembly is just a matter of following this guide in reverse. This what my surround looks like sprayed in Plastikote Super in satin black. I think it looks pretty cool but the 'satin' isn't different enough from gloss in my opinion (Y).

Hi does anyone have an update photos or guide for this ?
I need to access the serial number. But all the videos are for the Fascia types with a panel / flap to access the top screws.
Mine is a full Fascia with only access to the lower screws. like pic below