K12 15" Steel Wheel(s) and Trim Wanted

Hi all,
first post I know, but following a little "incident" I need to find a replacement for a damaged wheel on our Micra. :down:
It is a 2008 Micra 3 door, fitted with 15" steels.

Whilst I'm not a cheap skate, I am loathed to allow Nissan to perform open wallet surgery on me.
Especially when I suspect there are plenty of members on here who have upgraded to alloys, and perhaps have their steels to sell?
I have only damaged 1 rim, but would happily purchase a pair, or even a full set if someone has them.

Also looking for a wheel trim, again, would purchase just one, or a full set.

A picture of the wheel trim, I believe this is the newer style, introduced in 2008?


If anyone has any of the above items, I would be very interested, afterall I would rather give my money to fellow Micra owners than Nissan!

Thanks in advance,