K11 with Panasonic radio, upgrade to Pioneer MVH-150UI, need help with connector/adaptor


I've been lurking for over a year, but after much searching, I couldn't find the right answer for my problem.

I want to upgrade my K11's radio, which was a Panasonic cassette player. Most people here seem to have a Blaupunkt radio or some other one, even though I'm pretty sure mine came from factory.(I'm in Finland btw).

I have managed to track the adaptor to PC2-13-4 aerial or PC2-13-4, but from what I can see on the ebay thumbnails, it won't work with my plug.

The white male is what comes from my car, and was plugged into the old radio.
The black male is from the adaptor that came with the new radio, and is the kind of plug that goes in it.

The car cables leading to the white connector are a mess, with at least 3 connections made with different connectors, but it all seems factory default.

I can't find this adaptor locally, so I am going to order it from online, will one of those mentioned fit to this?

I can upload more pics if needed.