K10 Micra looking for new home

Evening everyone,

My wife's Micra unfortunately needs to go, we have 3 other cars and don't have the space or the time to get the Micra sorted and back on the road. I would love to store it somewhere and rebuild it for her in the future, but it just isn't feasible.

K10 Micra
1.2 GS Auto

This car is definitely a project and requires a fair bit of work:

  • Does not run - engine will require some work!
  • N/S front wing has a large dent
  • Both O/S doors are the wrong colour (silver rather than blue, replaced after accident damage) and there is rust along the top of both door skins - there are a few holes along here
  • O/S rear arch and panel around the fuel filler are fairly beat up and would need a good bit of work to straighten
  • Dent in the rear bumper (I have another you can have!)
Car was taken off the road as the engine oil ended up in the radiator - we tried to sort on a limited budget, head was checked for straightness and was right on the limit but we just changed the gasket and hoped for the best. Unfortunately still low compression so it looks like it needed a skim.

Car has only had 2 owners, its had a few knocks but has never been welded and historically very reliable - my wife is emotionally attached so would rather it went to someone as a project or even ended up with a new life on a race track then cash it in for scrap.

Photos here: http://1drv.ms/1EyuHhB

Let me know if it is of interest to anyone, would be great to save it from the scrap man!

Forgot to say, obviously this will need trailering away - my wife is away at the weekend so if anyone could collect then it would save some emotional pain!

Located in Stevenage, Herts.




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I've tried pm'ing ypu. But the msc ain't letting me do so

Is this available?

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I'm only a few miles away,
My number is


(This site won't allow me to pm you)

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Car is still available if you want it - I did drop you a message and a text - will try giving you a call at the weekend :)