1992 K10 Micra SUNTOP (RARE) for sale

Looking out for a new LOVING owner for my Micra. Best for those with previous mechanical experience looking for a passion project!

She is currently a non-mover - stuck in 5th gear and a lot of rust. She's had a new exhaust system, recon'd radiator and a donor engine in very decent condition in the last year.

For the right person she will give back a lot of love. She has the full electric suntop (works well) and last time we checked (a couple of years ago), one of only 7 left in the UK.

I was hoping that I could recon her bit by bit and have been doing so but have come to a stale mate as I've moved to London for uni. I would much rather she go to someone who wants to improve her than a scrappie!

Will put some photos up tomorrow :)
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