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Hi all! I'm Darryl and I recently joined Micra Sports Club, after 2 years of micra ownership and cruising through the forums seeking advice as a guest. I'm on my second micra (first one was a K11 C, second is a K11 A. Both 1.0, 3 doors. My current car is a metallic green micra s lite so came with power steering, pop-out rear windows, wrap around spoiler and sr wheels. Shes known as Dorable which is a nickname a cousin gave it that somehow stuck XD.

After 116,500 odd miles, 90 of which were mine the engine decided to do a self headgasket delete, perfect time for a 1.3! I managed to find an engine that was built for a dirt track car, raced for one day and then parked up. The heads been skimmed and the valves reseated, 1.4 cams, lightened flywheel on an automatic block. Mated to the 1.0 box that's out of the car which I know is healthy. A few mates and I are currently in the process of building the car up a little bit in my friends shed.

We have the engine and box in, however we threw the old clutch in it just to see whether it drove or not, and it does however its burnt the last of the clutch out 😂. (motorfactors weren't open at the time) so it's getting a new clutch and brakes today, corsa B coilovers are being put in too, so hopefully will have a running and driving 1.3 before the end of the week. Also, i decided to remove the power steering as it is not needed in a micra realistically. I have a March bootlid bought for it, and my friend has a door in green at his house so that may be thrown on too. I am aware the bodywork needs a bit of work and it will get it eventually, however I'm more focused on getting the car on the road at the moment and have it driving how I want it, and then the cosmetics will get some attention. Sorry for the long read XD


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Nice to see someone building them up still.
dont have power steering on ours either, but then again it’s only got one wheel up front 😁.
the 1.3 goes very well, with the 15” wheels on I recko it’s going to be good for 120mph.
Nice to see someone building them up still.
dont have power steering on ours either, but then again it’s only got one wheel up front 😁.
the 1.3 goes very well, with the 15” wheels on I recko it’s going to be good for 120mph.
I wanted an oldschool hatchback to work on for a while, and was nearly going to buy a puma or a fiesta. I then drove my friends micra and had to have one. I love the retro feel and style of a preface k11, but my god are they uninspiring to drive in standard, 1.0 form so I'm just improving it a tad XD.

120 sounds like a bit if fun XD, should give my mates 1.4 se a run for its money 😆.

Have you really made a trike out of a micra? That sounds like a terribly quirky concept
These are a before and after photos. I bought it as a 1L manual trike, the wooden black box and a single seat.
i have convert it to a 1.3L auto with a bike style seat ( no seatbelt rule) and trying to get a cleaner line to the back.
the box at the back is a complete micra k11 front chassis with the steering rods welded to the custom box section frame.
Its been a pain and fought me at every turn, if the chassis wasn’t as good in the handling I would have given up on it.
2 up with a trailer carrying my bike to the IOM we crept up to 85 without even noticing,


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That is absolutely savage! Normally I'm not a fan of trikes, but I have to give props to this one. I'd say it handles absolutely lovely and sounds quite different. I also have to respect the third picture with the bike on a trailer. That is just brilliant!
When it was a manual I actually got it drifting round a roundabout. With a full fuel tank the front lifts a bit on max acceleration but it’s rare for a trike not to push the front end, this one sticks and corners as well as the donor car if not a bit better.
at least you know what to do with yours when the rot sets in😁
We are based in Sussex and my wife takes it out with a local bike club ( I’m on my Yamaha xjr1300), as it’s a group ride they are yet to loose her to the surprise of many.
Hahahah while that does sound like good fun, I think I care too much about my micra as it is to do something that bonkers with it XD. I plan on keeping it for a good while so will probably just get the sills sorted and under body it eventually to prevent it happening again
Short update, have the new clutch in, the tracking sorted (somewhat) and the corsa coilovers in it front and back. Ended up turning the corsa spring upside down in the back, with the adjuster fastened to the top of it, took the micra bump stops out which works quite well. When the shocks are bolted in top and bottom the spring go nowhere, even when the back of the car is jacked up, which is good! Car drives quite well and I'm happy with the pull it has, even in 5th.