Head Unit + Speakers Question

I have just installed a FLI Head Unit in my car, use supplied harness adapter, and all works fine apart from the face everytime the ignition is switched off all the presets are lost, I have heard its a case of swapping a couple of wires over, is this correct?

I have bought this head unit and wired it upto two kenwood 3-way speakers, which replace the original speakers upfront in the door panels (K11 Micra). But as the depth was a little too much and the speaker holes did not align they are both held on by a single screw, tightly done up.

The sound is good but not amazing, Im now thinking of parcel shelf speakers (the stealth kind) and maybe an amp and a sub? What scares me is altho replacing the head unit and speakers was easy, it sounds hard to do anything else...like the wiring etc is a big concern, where do u run the wires, gauge of wire etc etc

Can anyone give me ideas of what i should be looking into, and any comments u may have on my current build is welcome!


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The presets is most likely to be a case of wires as you point out. The memory wire is usually yellow and requires 12v +

The speakers I would say... either screw them down properly... or return them and get some ones that better fit. If you are not fussed about lots of mid-bass or bass in the back and like your sound in your face at the front... then I would strongly suggest getting some components up front with some sound deadening and run these comps off an amp.

Wiring is easy when it comes to amping:
- Power wire from bat to amp
- Remote wire from HU to amp
- Ground wire from amp to anywhere
- RCA wire to carry signal from HU to amp
- Speaker wire from amp to speakers

Power wire... I would say anything under 800w can be safely run off 8awg wire... and 800w + I would personally use 4awg
RCA: your choice
Speaker wire: depends where you have to run it and the space you have... my current speaker wires... to the 7x10s is 10awg and to fronts is 12awg... 16awg was a bit too small...

Side note... I dont think FLI is all that... a Pioneer or Alpine would have done you.
Thanks for the advice mate, but Im still very confused by the wiring, I think its a case of just going for it and hope for the best, lol.

The speakers CLick Me I have seem to be ok, they def arent going anywhere but obviously are not flush with the metal work, I dont know what effect that would have??!

What make and type of speakers would you recommend for the front doors then?

As far as my head unit, the FLI Click Me is actually really good, im well impressed with it, one thing that confuses me though is that it says 50w x 4 output, so what type of power rating do the speakers need to be?

This is the wiring for the head unit (see picture), what wires are wrong, and need to be swapped over for my memory to be saved once the ignition is switched off?



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The red and yellow wires need swapping, ignore the whole 50x4w thing, the speakers you have are fine for the job. Wiring in new speakers is easy enough, the wires should already be at the back just not connected.


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Yep, swap the red and yellow wire, as olly has said already.

Make some baffles for the front speakers, just cut out 2 mdf rings for the depth you need (10mm extra or something?), screw the baffles to the doors standard speaker mounts, then mount the speakers to the baffles.

Thanks ollyc98 and Retepetsir for your advice.

So with the mdf rings will the door card still fit on there, caus the speaker grill has to go over them, or do u remove that? Once this has been done will this improve the speaker sound and prevent distortion?

The other thing I wanted to know about is putting rear speakers in, I found the connector in the boot, and obviously I just need to plug the relevant spade connectors into that block.

What speakers should I have on the parcel shelf 6x9's or just standard? And should I stick with the same make of speakers for the back? Should I just modify the existing parcel shelf by attaching a piece of mdf underneath and cutting out the holes, what have you guys on here done?

All help is appreciated! :grinning:


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A proper fit would improve sound a little but to increase your chances it might be worth investing in some sound deadening material... Distortion cannot be prevented as you are running them off your head unit... if they were amped then you can push them a bit more without distorting them near a higher volume...

Rear speakers... is all a question of personal choice.. what do you want? Loud music? bass? or just some simple sound in the back? its also a question of budget... how much would you want to spend on yor speakers? then we can make some suggestions.

re. the shelf. its cheaper to modify the existing one and reinforce it with mdf... but if you are thinking of selling it in the near future... then a stealth shelf is just as easy to make... with mdf and acoustic cloth... under £30... that way you could keep the original shelf... I would seriously consider an amp for the rear speakers so budget for that too but it all depends on what you want... big sound or simple sound...
Problem with wiring

I have just been trying to sort out the wiring behind the head unit, I have managed to locate the speaker wires that go to the rear, but Im having to wire them up to the socket, so they will work. The problem im having is swapping the red and yellow wires round in the socket, they will not come out, how do I remove them?



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It's a cut and connect job, cut them about 2 inches away from the connector and connect the wires with bullet connectors or solder and tape.