Fuel door

Hi, I'm in trouble: can't open fuel door.
Suspected: fuel door opening handle disconnected from fuel door. Broken wire?
Any other ideas/causes?

Is it possible to reach rope/wire via trunk to pull it manually.
Any other methods to solve this?

Help! Fuel lamp is on :)

-sausis, K11


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open ya hatch and on the side where you fill ya tank up ....... take a few screws out and pull back the trim that covers the wheel arch and strut top with this pulled out of the way you will be able to see the clip that opperates the fuel release flap. then you can manual open it from there till you get it sorted
Oh, yes! Indeed :)
I started to take off that trim, and noticed, that I can pull it a bit on the left, because the left edge of the trim is not attached and is free to move. Even there is a little handle near the edge, I think it designed for the way to back lights or something like that. So that was the end of my efforts: I very easily could reach that clip (white, plastic, with spring on it) to open door, just opened trim a bit and put my arm toward fuel door. Simple, indeed.