Does 1994 k11 pre-facelift have cabin filter?

My 1994 Micra blows air only to the windscreen and I was wondering if the cabin air filter might need a change. I have seen posts about the difficulty of replacing the cabin air filter, but I believe they are for newer models. I tried removing the glovebox, but I couldn't find the black pins that hold the glovebox in place at the bottom.
Does 1994 Micra with no A/C even have cabin air filter, and if not, any ideas what might cause the air to come out only at the bottom of the windscreen?
The cable that connects to the dial to change the air vents moves when rotated.
I have a 94 slx with no cabin air filter, have you eye balled to check the air vent control cable is still connected to the box/assembly, it could have come off or been disconnected