Dead Group

Pao owners groups seems absolutely crap here no one communicates to each other

Is there any other online forums for Pao owners that’s populary used



Personally I think people should keep posting here. This is a well designed discussion forum website. There are people on Facebook, but Facebook sucks and was not designed to be a discussion forum.
Thank you for your kind comments Mark, I've made some changes to the forum which should hopefully let this site index higher in Google, which may attract more information.

That being said, unfortunately @tomsmicra4 the Pao is a very rare car, so it's bound to be a much quieter part of the forum
james, i understand and agree, i wasnt intending any bad manner towards msc,i was just say basically facebook and other online platforms has ruined forums chances like this.
its a pitty as i always loved chatting away to people on this

very hard find parts tho on this forum while on facebook group the chances are higher