Changing high level brake light bulb

Hi everyone

Does anyone know how to change the high level (third) brake light bulb on a 65 plate 2015/6 Micra?

The owner's manual indicates that you simply prise off the cover with a "suitable tool". Looks like a screwdriver wrapped in some rag to me:


However, it felt to me when trying it that something was retaining it so, not wanting to break it, I took it to Halfords and paid for them to do it.

The guy at Halford's felt the same as me and said he didn't want to do it.

Here's what it looks like from outside. No retaining screws:


On the inside there are also no retaining bolts, only a circular cover. If you peel off the cover, the hole is too small to get more than one finger into. No screws are accessible under the cover from what I can see:


Is it just a case of prising off the red plastic brake light cover from the outside? Has anyone here managed to do it without breaking it?




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it looks that way... from what I can see, there are metal pin/clips holding the thing in and these can be tough to overcome.

rather than using a screw driver, use something with a bit more width to it to spread the load over a larger area to protect the paintwork and light unit
Hi, if I'm remembering correctly, its a couple of poppers, the same as the tail lights if you've ever removed them. However it also has some strong double sided foam tape, for mine I rammed a filler card around it to break the tape. The light unit came out fine on my 2011 model, however I imagine you would need to replace the foam tape to refit it (I fitted a factory spoiler on mine which has an LED unit so don't know how smoothly refitting goes).

Hope this helps
Hi Paul. I have a 2011 K13 and although the high level break light is working I have been tracing a leaky boot since I bought the car. I have eliminated everything apart from the high level break light and thought I would just whip it off and put some gasket sealer around it. Loads of google searches later I find your post! I could not get it off and am reluctant to force it. It would be great to hear if you managed it and have any tips?
Mine on a K13 just pulled off using only my fingers0. The padding foam had lost its glue and the two pressure plugs just slotted out. Thanks for your original post, it gave me the confidence to try