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Bought myself a Micra (March as known to this part of the world), and the previous owner had removed the central locking by cutting some wires and removing the door lock timer. He handed me what's supposedly the removed part but a guy I once took it to said it's the wrong model for the car

Model Number on label says 28451 89900

Also, I found these two connectors with cut wires that were just left to hang underneath the dash on the driver's side.

Any idea what they were connected to?

And what's the function of this Yellow w/ red stripe wire shown here? it comes from the driver side door....

Thank in advance


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wow what a mess!

that box is the central locking box, you have two thick wires going to the motor in the passenger door, then you have a small wire and an earth going to the driver's door, then the whole system needs power and earth. i am almost 100% sure that the grey/red wire and the brown wire go to the motor in the passenger door, the small green wire goes to the driver's door, the large green wire goes to 12V+ and the black goes to earth, but there should be some wires under the dash that match those wires.

but really you are better off starting again, from the looks of that loom you have a complete mess of wires under there.

you may also have plugs for either a dip/dim system or something else.
wow what a mess!

from the looks of that loom you have a complete mess of wires under there.

You're spot on there mate!

I guess this is what happens when you give cars to wannabe electricians instead of going to a reputed garage.

It looks like I need to remove the entire dash just get an idea of which wire goes where.

There goes my next weekend.....

Thank you so much for your prompt reply